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Choosey – Left Field – Download

Sd born Los Angeles based Choosey, the newest addition to Dirty Science, makes dope rap songs. Listen to this free album Left Field and tell me I’m lying. With beats by Exile, Like of Pac Div, and Soulection’s Abjo, you’re sure to be bangin’ this in your whip, laptop or headphones. Left Field features crew mates Blu, Fashawn, Dag Savage and more. This ear-full of good music will take you on an audio ride that’s bound to make you a fan and hungry for his follow up albums produced Exile. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of whats to come from Choosey.

Oct-13-2014 -BY- Jah -IN-

EXILE : ZIP DISKS & FLOPPIES (full album stream)

I wanted to share my album with everyone on youtube with a stop animation loop me and Tony Browning Created symbolizing the death of my Floppy and zip disks to save my beats. This Album entitled Zip Disks in Floppies, contains 13 RAW BEATS STRAIGHT OUT THE MUTHAF%#KIN MPC 2000 XL STEREO JACK. – Exile
get the digital version on itunes.

Sep-05-2013 -BY- REC -IN-

EXILE – Zip Disk’s and Floppies -Cover&Tracklisting



13 RAW BEATS STRAIGHT OUT THE MUTHAF%#KIN MPC 200 XL STEREO JACK. Each copy of Zip Disks & Floppies 12″ comes with a different Color vinyl.
Pre-Order 12″ & CD here – out in store and i tunes 9-3-13

Aug-26-2013 -BY- DIRTYSCIENCE -IN-