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The L.A. Dirty Science Showcase Sept 19th


Exile’s steady working on new music with the DS Fam from Fashawn, Emanon, Blu, Dag savage, Choosey, Denmark Vessey, Blame One to M.E.D. Come Join everyone for a celebration of whats to come and also come take a listen to some of it before it’s released! Brought to you by


Aug-27-2013 -BY- DIRTYSCIENCE -IN-

Dag Savage- Exile&Johaz- When it Rains Ft. Aloe Blacc (free DL)

DagSav rain SS2JPG

The Dag Savage Ep is out now! Buy here on itunes or get the DAG SAVAGE LIMITED EDITION 10″  vinyl. Heres another free joint off the Ep to listen to while you make your mind up.

Jan-15-2013 -BY- DIRTYSCIENCE -IN-


Exile & Johaz will drop their first Ep as DAG SAVAGE January 15th. Until then, bump this free debut DAG SAVAGE mixtape entitled SALVATION, featuring  Aloe Blacc, blu, Gonjasufi & more.



Nov-18-2012 -BY- JA -IN-

Aloe Blacc – “Together” Ft. Dela Fumador

I had the privilege of meeting and being guided by Dela Fumador during my trip to Ghana with Malaria No More UK. He showed me around Accra and brought me to Ussher Fort where African slaves were held before being shipped to the Americas. Here he shared with me his wonderful song, “Together,” and the positive attitude of forgiveness that Ghanaians have regarding slavery. – Aloe

Mar-19-2012 -BY- REC -IN-