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Cashus King – It’s not you ft. Blu

Available on all platforms It’s Not You, It’s Me LP

May-02-2019 -BY- Jah -IN-

CO$$- Grayer Skies LP


Grayer Skies is the first half of a two part lp series, the second half being Bluer Skies dropping in late November. The concept is what I call a “compilation of styles” as opposed to songs. Each project has its own distinct vibe and sound, putting on display different aspects of my style both production wise and content wise. Grayer Skies is a ode to the more boom bap, introspective aspect of my style, while Bluer Skies showcases the more commercial side of my music. I hope you enjoy Grayer Skies, and look out for Bluer Skies, dropping late November. Thanks for your love and support. C$$.

Nov-01-2013 -BY- REC -IN-



It’s still sunny in LA, so Leimert Park’s own Co$$ is back with a smooth sunny banger for us to bump this sunny Autumn in Los Angeles. Where ever you’re at, enjoy this Cali shit to tide you over until CoSS
drops the full free project Graye Skies on October 28th.

Oct-08-2013 -BY- REC -IN-

The L.A. Dirty Science Showcase Sept 19th


Exile’s steady working on new music with the DS Fam from Fashawn, Emanon, Blu, Dag savage, Choosey, Denmark Vessey, Blame One to M.E.D. Come Join everyone for a celebration of whats to come and also come take a listen to some of it before it’s released! Brought to you by


Aug-27-2013 -BY- DIRTYSCIENCE -IN-