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Dirty Science presents a Fake Shore Drive exclusive premiere. This film is dedicated to the misguided and fallen sons in the struggle. “Danger Us” is a story about the reality of what happens when you come up young and wreck-less. Day in and day out we lose our youth to street dreams and misguided ambitions. As an Englewood (Chicago) native I have been aware of the cycle my whole life. I’ve lost friends to the streets, either by way of the gun or the cell, and I watch the path be glorified through tv, internet and music. You hardly ever see anybody talking about what the outcome really is though. This piece does. Coming from a city where violence is at an epidemic level, like so many other cities in America, it seems so important that video as a dominant means of communicating with the youth, should be used to awaken them to the realities of their decisions and offer them a perspective that doesn’t tell them that walking a destructive path is cool.
The songs message itself was originally conceived by Chris Kramer of Tensei when the group produced the track. Through the writing and singing gift of Yaw Ageyman , the metaphor of the zombie was given birth, it refers to the sometimes absent state of mind that you can have in your youth, when there is very little thought between action and reaction. In some cases that instinctive exuberance is deadly and the fact that you can be desensitized by an environment that has been tragic long before you got there…. doesn’t paint the picture of a positive outcome. The ghetto is not savage, its lost. The stick up kid in this video (Darius Johnson) is a character like so many of our lost sons and brothers, his life is turmoil, his conscious is compromised and his actions are vicious. He victimizes for survival, not oblivious to his wrong but not aware that he has alternatives. As with so many stories his ends in retribution, another sacrifice to a cycle that never seems to end.
Filmed and Directed by: ADaD
Camera and assistant director: Keith Purvis
Stick up kid
Darius Johnson
Christopher O’Neal
The O.G.
Scott Sangster
Man on the street
Christopher Kramer