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“This record was inspired on Valentines day 2016. I did wrong, I didn’t do anything for my girl. I was listening to the homie Denmark Vessey’s Martin Lucid Dream EP as it just so happened she was going ham on me about my lack of sensitivity and consideration. She was right. At the end of Denmark’s Ep is a record called “Everyday” where he talks about the day to day life of an aspiring artist, struggling rapper…. regular dude. I related to the song heavily and because I know him and we share the same struggle. In that moment i wanted to take the inspiration that that song had given me and vent my frustration about what had been going on in that moment. It was an everyday situation that you go through when you’re an aspiring artist, a struggling rapper, or just a regular dude…. EVERYDAY 2.0 Thanks Denmark” – ADAD