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Dag Savage – All My People Ft. ADAD & CashUs King Fka CO$$

In the face of the seemingly constant injustice and murder black and brown people have been facing by the hands that are supposed to protect and serve, Dag Savage has enlisted fellow Dirty Science crew mates to speak upon the subject through song. We recruited the Windy City’s own Adad and Leimert Park, Los Angeles’ best kept secret Cashus King(fka Co$$) to help express our sentiments through sound. ‘All my People’ is more than a song, it’s a call to action, our plea for all those who believe in justice and equality to speak up and let their voices be heard. For now enjoy this audio and ask yourself how you can be a part of the solution.

Produced by Exile And Th3ory Hazit
Additional instruments performed by Hank G and Farmer Greif

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color code:
ORANGE OMBRE = Fire In The Air
BLUE = Hundreds of Years of Colonialism
GREEN = Poisoned Badge
PINK = Pig Mindset
PURPLE = Imperialism and Military Control
GOLD = Man as Currency for the Prison Industrial Complex